On-line learning becomes popular for those students leading a busy life. Many systems on line today do not have any progression that what you observe from the web site they do not have any journey and arranges itself on-line on Skype.

There are many web pages with exercises for beginners and progression. In addition I have material that is in digital format for many opportunities. If you liked to see me in the conversation, I can talk via webcam.

Payments can be made by PayPal, this payment method is worldwide and is instant between accounts. 


I am a trained and qualified multilingual secretary with full certification from The National Interpreter School which itself specialises in translations in the economic field. 
In my own experience as a trainer I have instructed for over seven years and teach with passion. In my teaching and instruction in my creativity trainer experience, which is itself certified by private Psychoanalytic Art Therapy School I bring fun and joy with my educational aspect of teaching.

, English, German, art and creative education

Class/level taught:
Primary school to High School. Private language training for adults and seniors.

I consider that it is important in my teaching to project onto the student that learning can be fun and an happy experience instead of pressured learning from books and intense study. In my method of teaching students learn not only to study independently but to enjoy learning.

If you are a person that can agree on non-committal consulting time (Not free) you decide if you feel within yourself that my teaching is conclusive to increasing your learning experience.

I am looking forward to getting to know you! Best greetings of Daniela Sabina


English Lesson

doppelt englisch flagge

You can get a lesson in English Conversation, Grammar exercises oder Vocabulary Training. You pay 10 Euro for half an hour.



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