Online learning has gained popularity among individuals leading busy lives. However, many online systems lack a structured progression beyond what is available on their websites or through Skype sessions. Fortunately, there are numerous websites offering exercises for beginners and a clear path for progression. Additionally, I have a wealth of digital materials that can be utilized in various contexts. If you prefer face-to-face interaction, I am available for webcam conversations as well.

To facilitate payments, I accept PayPal, a widely recognized and instant payment method across the globe.

Allow me to introduce my qualifications. I am a trained and certified multilingual secretary, having obtained full certification from The National Interpreter School, which specializes in economic translations. With over seven years of experience as a passionate instructor, I have taught a diverse range of subjects, including French, English, German, art, and creative education. My expertise spans from primary school to high school, and I also offer private language training for adults and seniors.

In my teaching approach, I prioritize the belief that learning should be enjoyable and fulfilling, rather than a source of pressure or intense study. I strive to cultivate independent learning skills and foster a genuine love for acquiring knowledge. However, I understand that each individual’s learning experience is unique, so I invite you to decide for yourself whether my teaching style aligns with your desired outcomes.

I am eager to connect with you and embark on this educational journey together. Please accept my warmest greetings.

Best regards, Daniela

Attention! This is a joke!

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